Tension leads to complications in wound closure, healing and scar outcomes.

These problems cost the healthcare system billions annually and diminish patient satisfaction - due to increased infection, readmission rates, and scarring.

Relieve tension around the incision with BRIJJIT

BRIJJIT is a force-modulating tissue bridge designed to Relieve the Tension to support beautiful healing for your patients.

Dramatic Tension Reduction

Up to 30% immediate strain reduction promotes less wound breakdown and better scars during and after closure and throughout the healing process.

Secure Closure

Adheres to skin for 2 plus weeks, thanks to a proprietary medical-grade acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive.

Allows Mobility

The BRIJJIT device facilitates swift postoperative mobility.


No needles and eliminates the need for sutures and staples, allowing for uninterrupted healing.

Fast and Easy

Can be used over or in place of subcuticular sutures and eliminates the need for local anesthesia.


Promotes clean, dry incision sites and allows patients to shower after 24 hours.


Satisfied Patients

Patients feel their incisions are protected during healing, find the device comfortable to wear, and love the final scar outcomes.


BRIJ technologies are proven highly effective across all of these procedure areas.

The BRIJ Difference

Evidence-Based Data You Can Trust

BRIJ Technologies undergo stringent testing and meticulous manufacturing processes to deliver a product that is gentle, secure, and robust, providing you with enhanced control and confidence in post-surgical care.


Read More: Clinical Evidence

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