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Relieve the Tension® to Heal Beautifully®

Tension on a healing wound is one of the major factors driving wound breakdown, excess scar formation, and poor scar appearance.

The mechanism linking tension to increased scarring is intricate. One effective approach to positively influence the outcome is by alleviating mechanical tension on the healing wound. This aids in reducing excess collagen production and shortening the inflammatory phase of wound healing.

This is where the Brijjit devices step in.

Brijjit BP100

Our elegant, yet simple product is designed to provide prolonged support to wounds by relieving tension. By engaging tissue on both sides of the wound and shielding it from the forces associated with swelling or movement, Brijjit devices significantly diminish tension, allowing wounds to heal beautifully.

By applying Brijjit for tension relief, you provide your incision with the extended protection it needs to fight off excess tension, prevent wound breakdown, and facilitate improved scar appearance.

How to Use Brijjit Medical Devices

Patient Post-Operative Guidelines

  • Showering – You can shower 24 hours after Brijjit devices are applied or when your surgeon tells you it’s ok.
  • Oils & Lotions – Do not use oils or lotions around the Brijjit devices, as this may cause the adhesive to fail and the devices to fall off.
  • Compression Garments – The use of compression garments or dressings over the top of the Brijjit devices are ok to use at the direction of your surgeon.
  • Longevity – Brijjit devices typically last 10 days or longer, though duration may vary by incision site/ area of the body. For optimal results, keep them on until they naturally detach, as secure adhesion ensures continued tension relief along the incision or scar.
    • IMPORTANT: No suture or staple removal is required. While Brijjit devices facilitate remote/telemedicine follow-up, as they do not need to be removed by a medical professional, it is still IMPORTANT to ask your doctor before attempting to remove Brijjit. Devices placed for wound closure should not be removed until sufficient wound strength is achieved such that removal will not create a risk of wound separation.
    • Scar Therapy Support: Brijjit devices can be reapplied routinely for longer-term support to continue tension reduction and improve final scar appearance. Ask your surgeon if Brijjit Scar Therapy is right for you.
  • Physical Therapy – Brijjit devices facilitate the movement of joints and can be worn during most physical therapy appointments.
  • Ice – Using ice over Brijjit devices is safe when following the prescribed icing protocol provided by a healthcare professional.
  • Skin Irritation Although very rare, contact your doctor or healthcare provider if you experience significant skin irritation, blistering, or a rash at the site of Brijjit device placement.


Easy Steps for Applying Brijjit

Brijjit device how to apply

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