Brijjit BP-100

The Brijjit BP-100 is the “original” Brijjit. With its extended length and footpads, it is designed to be a versatile solution for most surgical areas, making it your go-to “workhorse.” It is ideal for linear incisions and areas where a larger footplate is needed to provide maximum adhesion and strength.
Patients often call this product “armor over their incision,” as it helps protect the incision and improve wound healing.

Brijjit BP-75

NEW ARRIVAL — While you may be familiar with the original Brijjit BP-100 “workhorse,” the new BP-75 is a unique design with a shorter length and rounded footpads that allow for enhanced precision placement for tighter turns or curved surfaces/incisions.
This specialized product complements the BP-100 — effectively relieving tension from wounds to facilitate optimal healing and improved scarring from surgical incisions.

How it Works to Relieve the Tension®

While the tension-related biomechanical processes leading to open wounds and poor/excess scarring are complex, the solution is straightforward: reducing tension on a healing skin wound can improve blood supply and healing.
Normal tension within tissue is critical to how our bodies work, but can have big negative impacts on wound healing. Brijjit can reduce tension on a healing wound unlike any other device available on the market.
Sutures focus these forces against the tissue, causing tissue compression and complications in wound healing. Glues and tapes do not actively alleviate the tension and subsequent tissue compression, plus they have a higher rate of allergic skin reactions.
Brijjits applied to a healing wound offload tension to mitigate tissue compression and improve blood flow, leading to better healing with markedly reduced wound breakdown and better scars.

The Importance of Tension Relief for Healing

Brijjit technology is proven to have a 90% reduction in wound breakdown. (3,4) Learn why this matters.

Tension at the site of wound closure is transferred to the underlying sutures which concentrate the force to cause tissue compression. This compression induces a cascade of effects harmful to wound healing including reduced wound perfusion and subsequent ischemia (reduced oxygenation) which can result in necrosis (tissue death), open wounds, and surgical site infections.
These complications are potentiated in patients with wound healing risk factors such as diabetes, vascular disease, smoking, autoimmune diseases, or use of medications like steroids.
Brijjit devices offload the tension at the wound site to address the root cause of the problem, improving the wound healing environment and reducing complications.

BP-75 + BP-100 Brijjit System Technology

These specialized technologies are crafted to work in harmony, seamlessly integrating during incision closure to relieve the tension and promote optimal healing from the inside out. With these two size options, you gain versatility and the ability to choose the best fit for your patient and their incision.

After assembling a team of top scientists, engineers, and innovators, the first Brijjit BP100 was created.

Today, we're thrilled to announce that Brijjit devices are now being utilized across a spectrum of medical fields, including Plastics, Orthopedics, and ER/Urgent Care. These innovative devices are transforming procedures by revolutionizing incision closure, wound support, and scar therapy.

Clinical Data Findings

BRIJ is a data-driven company committed to rigorous research. We have completed several clinical trials, including a Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) with UTSW. Below are some of our key data outcomes on the Brijjit technology. Please check back frequently for updates as our ongoing studies continue to generate new insights.
Clinical Evidence

• 90% Reduction in Wound Breakdown⁽³⋅⁴⁾
• 38% Reduction In Mean Scar Area at 8 weeks post-procedure⁽³⁾


• Up to 9x Faster than Sutures⁽¹⁾
• As fast as staples⁽¹⁾


• Strain Reduction of > 25% Beginning at Closure and Maintained while applied⁽²⁾
• Tension Relief Maintained with ROM⁽¹⁾


• Withstands > 40 Newtons of Force In Series
• Lasts 10 Days to >3 Weeks⁽¹⁾

Downloadable Resources

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2. Kazmer DO, Eaves FF, 3rd. Force Modulating Tissue Bridges for Reduction of Tension and Scar: Finite Element and Image Analysis of Preclinical Incisional and Nonincisional Models
3. Panton J et al. Postopeerative mechanomodulation decreases T-junction dehiscence after reduction mammaplasty: Early scar analysis from a randomized controlled trial. Aesthet Surg J 2023, 43(12): 1033-1047
4. Wall HC et al. Tension reduction with force modulating tissue bridges reduces wounds in breast surgery. Aesthetic Surg J 2023; 43(12): 1471-1480.

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