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Tension Relief for Wound Support & Better Scar

Tension Relief for Wound
Support & Better Scar

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Brijjit Tension Relief Reduces Rates of Wound Breakdown & Scar Size.

Two new ground breaking milestone studies for Brijjit, one a randomized controlled trial, paves the way for a new era in wound care. With Brijjit’s continuous mechanomodulation, we have the first level 1 evidence that shows a significant reduction in postoperative wound complications.

Published clinical Studies

UTSW RCT Study, Aesthetic Surgery Journal


Reduction in wound breakdown (NNT = 3 Breasts, p=.006)


reduction in wound breakdown (NNT = 3 Breasts, p=.006)

"I think its a really powerful study and shows a pretty significant difference in the first 8 weeks in reduction patients. The device has impressed me! Its use by the patient has been consistent and easy."
Dr. Jeff Kenkel
UTSW, Principal Investigator

Culver, A, et al, Postoperative Mechanomodulation Decreases T-Junction Dehiscence After Reduction Mammaplasty: Early Scar Analysis from a Randomized Controlled Trial, Aesthetic Surgery Journal, 2023;, sjad269

Holly Wall Study, Aesthetic Surgery Journal


reduction in wound breakdowns (<0.001)

"If you want to use a product that will undoubtedly improve your patient’s life and your life, use Brijjit. The best inventions are simple and cost effective. Brijjit is both. This little device has had a huge impact on my practice."
Dr. Holly Wall
The Wall Center, Principal Investigator

Wall, H, Tension Reduction with Force Modulating Tissue BridgesReduces Wounds in Breast Surgery, Aesthetic Surgery Journal, 2023, In press.

Brijjit Force Modulating Tissue Bridges, Aesthetic Surgery Journal


Greater wound compression vs. suture

“Force modulating tissue bridges reduce tension within closed wounds and intact skin, such as in a healing scar, thus potentially leading to improved scar aesthetics.”

D. Kazmer, F. Eaves III. Force Modulating Tissue Bridges for Reduction of Tension and Scar, Aesthetic Surgery Journal

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